Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Review for Hungry Eyes by Barry Hoffman

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Hungry Eyes
by Barry Hoffman

Published: November 1998
Pages: 272
Rating: 3/5

She remembers feeling the eyes watching her huddled there, naked and vulnerable, in an iron cage in the twisted man's basement. But now she's free. And she isn't vulnerable anymore. She is one with the power and need to close those eyes.


This is the disturbing story of a ten-year-old girl named Renee Barrows who is kidnapped, held prisoner and tortured by a sadistic pedophile for the purpose of photographing Renee's terrified facial expressions. Her tormentor is eventually caught & put behind bars, but Renee is left feeling haunted by his eyes.

Several years after Renee's suicide, a Vigilante is killing sexual predators that slipped though the fingers of the judicial system. Reporter Deidre Caffrey is assigned to the story and sees the message NO MORE HUNGRY EYES scrawled on a mirror at the death scene of yet another Vigilante victim.

The book quickly becomes a cat & mouse game between Deidre and Renee, who is now assuming the identity of Shara Farris.

The point of view switches from Shara to Deidre and back again as they try to out-do one another. This makes for a very interesting read... one that will have you wondering what happens next.

I'll count this one as my Inverted Mystery for the Suspense & Thriller Challenge.


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