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Review for The Devil's Advocate by Andrew Neiderman

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The Devil's Advocate
by Andrew Neiderman

Published: November 1997
Pages: 320
Rating: 3.5/5

When Kevin Taylor joins the Manhattan criminal law firm of John Milton & Associates, he's hit the big time. At last, he and his wife can enjoy the luxuries they've so desired — money, a chauffeur-driven limo, and a stunning home in a high-rise. Then Milton assigns Kevin one of the most notorious cases of the year, with a file that had been put together prior to the crime. Throwing himself into his work, Kevin begins to see a pattern of evil emerging from behind the firm's plush facade. Acquittal after acquittal, every criminal client walks free, and Kevin's suspicions slowly give way to terror. For Kevin has just become The Devil's Advocate.


I decided to use a book review questionnaire to review this book, just to see if I like doing it this way or if I prefer to write a review like I was before this post. I got the questionnaire here.

Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction

Genre? Thriller

What led you to pick up this book? I had previously read The Dark by Andrew Neiderman and The Devil's Advocate was the most popular book written by him. I decided to see if all the hype was truly based on the book itself, or if it was contributed to by the movie. (I haven't seen the movie, yet, either.)

What did you like most about the book? It had a feeling of... nervousness throughout the book. The reader can tell right away that something isn't right, even if it takes the main character a bit longer to realize this.

What did you like least? It seemed a bit far-fetched, all of the characters being "in on it" was just a little hard to accept, but it did make for a good read & (probably) a good movie.

Which of your readers are most likely to enjoy this book? Anyone who enjoys mysteries or psychological thrillers.

Have you read any other books by this author? I have read The Dark by the same author. What did you think of those books? I really enjoyed it - probably more so than I enjoyed this book.

What did you think of the main character? I thought he was realistic. There were some things about him that the reader may not like... just like in "real life" when you meet someone - there are things you'll like about them, and things you won't.

What is the central character’s biggest problem? His boss, whom everyone likes - if not loves, may be the Devil's Advocate, if not the Devil himself.

How do you think he/she feels? At first, he doesn't realize what he has gotten himself into. Once he starts having strange dreams and a witness at a trial confesses her deepest secret to him, he is scared. Frightened for himself and his wife, he decides to do what he can to make sure he and his wife are safe.

What strengths does he have that help him cope? His love for his wife is his biggest strength and motivation in this story... it is what helps him overcome his initial fear and try to destroy the Devil.

What effect do the people in the book have on one another? The other associates keep our main character from realizing the true nature of their boss for a while, as they all have praise for the man. The associates' wives befriend our main character's wife and, somehow, change her so that she does not see the truth.

Share a favorite scene from the book: My favorite scene is near the end, when our main character is trying to make others see that he is not crazy... that the boss truly was the Devil himself.

What did you think of the ending? The ending was unpredictable in some ways. It was a bit too abstract, but once the reader lets the ending sink in, they will be able to draw their own conclusions.

Do you recommend this book? I recommend this book to readers who want a story that will have them intrigued from the beginning and keep their attention until the end. Readers who enjoy psychological thrillers would enjoy this the most.

This is my Psychological Thriller for the 08/09 Suspense & Thriller Challenge.

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